One-to-One Messaging in Node+Angular

Hi, It has been almost two months that I am trying to find a one-to-one messaging system tutorial but all I have found is chat applications and chat rooms. I want a messaging system where there is a message button on a user profile page and the message is communicated with the sender and receiver only. Please help if there are any resources available…

Messaging between 2 persons is still a chatroom, do you realize that? Try to implement rooms in your chat app and then assign new room for any pair of users that want to chat privately.

My project needs all users to chat private only and that would be available when they click on the message button on the profile of the user. If you have any specific tutorial then kindly refer to that

This is one of those situations where looking for the most relevant tutorials will only so far. At a certain point you have to branch off from what tutorials go over.

As mentioned above the concept of a chat room applies to 1 on 1 conversations. Whatever tutorials you have gone over for group/chat rooms can be applied to 1 on 1 conversations with some tweaking.

If you disagree with this, just ask yourself “why can I not apply a group/room chat architecture to 1 on 1 conversations?”. Whatever you think of as preventing you is where you need to change the app/architecture.

The one area of features that is probably has to change is how to start/end conversations. If your app is a group/chat room application, then you usually show the list of rooms or create your own. With your 1 on 1 app, you will just show a list of users to start a conversation with. After that change everything else is more or less the same in terms of UI/UX and general architecture of the actual “chatting” between users.

If your still are having a tough time, I recommend building the group/chat room application following the tutorials you have, learn while you go as much as you can. Once you have it more or less up and running see if you can tweak it to fit what you want, or at least figure out how you’d change it to get it to work the way you want. This way you’d get a better sense of the overall architecture and more practical experience building a chat app, and run into issues related to building chat apps as well.

There is a saying about never go about building your" best idea" first, this is because you will end up not knowing what your doing and screwing it up haha. Its best to go about your “best idea” later, once you learn more about parts of how to build your “best idea”. The same applies here, learn what you need to get near what you want before trying to just build 100% of what you want. :slight_smile:

Good luck :smile:

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