Messaging App Phase 1 Complete (Feedback Needed Please)

Hello Campers,

I hope you are all keeping safe. Just when I thought back-end was interesting, I came across Firebase. It literally abstracts all the back-end complications from you so you can focus on building your app. [I still love Node.js though]

I worked on a messaging application using React and Firebase. I tried as much to keep my design clean and I was hoping to get some feedback on the project. I’ll love it if you take out time to review the project and drop your thoughts on it. Please do let me know of any bugs you encounter.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As of now, it’s not mobile friendly. I thought I’d better mention it.

Wow, that’s so cool. The design is super clean!

Looks like there is some delay from sending a message and it apearing. Were you aware of this?

edit: Seems like the delay got better as I used it.

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Thank you very much for your feedback @DavidMatthewFraser

I’m thinking of switching to webSockets for the messaging functionality. I had to use a work around to differentiate chat rooms in the database and that came with a great performance cost.

Thanks once more :smiley:

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Hey Lafen,

great work, nice design!

My ideas:

  • from a user perspective, it would be awesome to have the opportunity to test the application without giving away my personal data; this would also lead to more feedback; I solved this in my projects by adding a simple Demo button that uses some hidden credentials, e.g. here

Keep us posted!

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