My first full stack project, and I'm so excited!

Hey guys,

I finished building my very first full stack project, a Google Drive clone built with React and Firebase.


Any feedback is more than welcome!

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Hey @rook!

It would be nice it you supplied us with dummy credentials so we could test out your project. I know for me I don’t like putting in my personal information into something I am not familiar with.

This would also be good to do for perspective employers in case you wanted to put this on your portfolio.

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It looks awesome, you’ve got social authentication which is cool, you could add email validation as I registered with :sweat_smile:

I really like it. Nice job!

The UI is neat. I had a very quick look at the code and it looks well organised.

Noted, that’s why I don’t implement email validation in the first place, so anyone can sign up with any arbitrary email and play around with the app.

Alternatively, you can login with “” and password “123456” to test thing out.

I’ve also updated the README as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Exactly, I could’ve implemented email validation as it’s just a click of a button away in Firebase, but as @jwilkins.oboe pointed out, people don’t want to provide personal info to just to test thing out.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the kind words!