iPhone Message Contact Form -- Any advice really welcomed

I decided to embark on a project of testing what I have learnt over the past few months by making the same app three times:

  1. Pure pre ES6 vanilla JS – PHP backend
  2. Pure ES6+ vanilla JS – Node backend
  3. ReactJS – Node backend

So far I have completed the first of three, and I expect this will be the longest. I would love to invite everyone to give me some feedback on it, It has taken a few days to write and, if anyone wishes to inspect the code, I have included the GitHub.

Live version: https://imjustp.com
GitHub: https://github.com/MakingStuffs/iphone-contact-form


As with most of my code, it is fully annotated so, if anyone is learning and wishes to see what I have done/why I have done it just look at the scripts.js file.

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Wow! That’s creative :slight_smile:.

The only thing I could say is that there’s a lot of code in a single file, which makes it harder to read and understand, IMHO. But other than that I like it :smile:.

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Thanks for checking it out and I’m happy to hear you like it!

I agree it is a lot of code in a file, it was really just the easiest way for me to make it with pre ES6 JS.

I am currently making it as a custom web-component using webpack and babel so it should read a hell of a lot better as I am splitting each component (screens, keypads, buttons etc) into their own component files which will expand the new HTMLElement web-component!

I am really trying just expand on everything from the FCC curriculum and thought making all three variations is a good way of doing so.

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That’s cool :slight_smile:!

Since You’re using webpack, You may want to take a look at parcel too, which is like a “pre configured” version of webpack.

Happy coding :tada:!

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I wish I knew this a few days ago :laughing:

Literally spent the last couple days trying to get my head fully around configuring webpack for dev and production with a common configs, loaders etc.

Now I kind feel I have to use the new knowledge at least once but will definitely try parcel in the future, just read an article on it now. Seems exactly what I wanted when I didn’t know how to properly configure webpack :rofl:

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