I finally made a portfolio page

Almost a year of putting it off I finally have a portfolio page. There isn’t a tonne of style to it but it’s out and now I can stop thinking about it for a while longer


known issues: contact form doesnt do anything. will work on that later

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This is really gorgeous! Saving this to looks back on in the future when I can make a portfolio this advance and impressive. I don’t think I could give any critiquing lol. I don’t think the styling is bad. It’s straight to the point with some color, which is nice. I did raise my eyebrow at the US Mail carrier plane in the contact section, thinking that maybe you had some military time. But I see the theme you’re sticking with so I get it. Its really lovely, you did a great job :+1:

Question, unrelated to the portfolio’s look and functionality, why the astricks next to some of your languages you listed?

hey thanks for the kind words.

the * is there because I guess i wanted to show that i know that they are nodejs frameworks and not something different like python or ruby.

people probably wont get it though so i should probably just remove it

Hmmm, would it be redundant to add a Frameworks section and then list all of what you know? I feel you should still list everything you know how to use, you know?

yup. im sure ill make a new personal page eventually to improve on this one. i think this should be good enough for now.

yeh a frameworks section might be a good idea. recruiters dont know the difference though. they just think everything is a different language. i just want to hit the keywords to make them want to call me

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Hi! The design is clean. Just one suggestion… make it mobile-friendly/responsive.

THe only question is how did you make Domchat.io, I mean using what technology or language

Simple & quiet clean. I like the color. Maybe add a line-height to the text?

I used a nodejs framework called socket.io which uses a javascript api called websockets and lets you maintain an open connection between the server (using express in this case) and your client/browser.

its really not hard once you understand how servers and browsers communicate, particularly GET request/responses, and ofcourse your javascript should be pretty strong

thanks for the kind words. ill make it responsive eventually. will probably make a completely new design in the future. i just wanted to get something up and work on other things

I like the clean design.

  1. I will say I’m not sure making non-responsive web pages is worth it. Unless you have some very complex layout. I doubt it would take you that long to make it responsive considering the layout. It doesn’t have to be that fancy just stack the layout and change the nav a bit.

  2. I agree with the line-height mentioned. On the About Me page, I would give the section a max-width, center it and increase the line-height.

section {
  width: 100%;
  line-height: 1.4;
  max-width: 1200px;
  margin: 0 auto;

Anyway, I know the feeling about portfolio pages, I hate them. I don’t even have one.

Your site is looking good.

But as I said in your ranting topic last year,
you are talking the talk, but don’t show walking the walk.

I can see 5 JS projects on your Github.
1 with a little bit of testing.
1 with React.
1 with MongoDB.

And then you are writing this into your knowledge section:
TypeScript, ReactJs, GraphQL, Python, Ruby, Electron, Android, React-Native, MongoDB, Firebase, Testing (TDD), Mocha/Chai, TensorFlow, BrainJs