Finally after almost a month - My portfolio page!

Wow! The worst part for me was creating this portfolio. I know how to create a site, but I never created a personalized one for me. I finally came to the conclusion that I am a ‘super perfectionist’. If this was a page for anyone else, it would have been done in a couple of days. I am still not finished; there are some things I need to add. (Skills, experience, etc.,) but that will come in due time. Lets see if your comments matches mine.


Hello, ddiaz104, welcome to the community. Your portfolio looks pretty solid overall. I especially like your contact section. It’s very clean and concise. The only things I saw that you could fix are your contact buttons at the bottom of the page. When I clicked on your github button I got a blank screen.
I had the same problem on mine. I found out that in codepen you have to add target="_blank" in your anchor tags for them to work.
But again, you have a solid page. I hope that I’ll see more from projects from you in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

I can’t believe I for got the “target=”_blank"". That’s what happens when one is staring at something for too long, then gets too happy when all is done.
It’s always good to have more than two eyes to look at someones elses work; its the small things they can pick up.