Best of Free Code Camp Showcase App

I’ve been playing around with Firebase and Vue recently and decided to build a little “Best of FreeCodeCamp” app! :slight_smile:

You can view it by clicking this link:

You can login and submit your FreeCodeCamp projects and have others vote on them! The projects can be ranked and sorted and I’ll definitely be adding more options in the future. Please let me know if you have any feature requests.

It’s a bit rough, and surely a lot more I can add, but please have a play around and let me know what you think! All feedback good or bad is welcome :slight_smile:

I also wrote a simple blog post about it here:


Cool, @JackEdwardLyons!

Feature request: automatic screenshot of each app, generated using puppeteer :slight_smile:


Cool - I’ll look into that for sure! Is it possible to do that for free? @JacksonBates

Yeah, I nicked the idea of another camper that shared something like that the other day.

Via @ewliang:

Only thing I would be worried about is large image sizes slowing down loading times… Do you think that would be an issue? Or should I try to sync with something like tinypng so it compresses them first? @JacksonBates

Dunno, it was a suggestion completely from the hip with no real thought going into it.

You could potentially have the image fetched and stored serverside and have a place holder image until the real one was ready?

Cool, thats a good idea :slight_smile: thanks!

Nice man I will add mine soon

Cool! Let me know if you have any issues… lol I haven’t really tested it with other people’s data but the auth with github and firebase is really straightforward :slight_smile: