Our forum has moved to www.freecodecamp.org/forum - here's why

Hey everyone,

Quick update - the freeCodeCamp forum used to be located at forum.freecodecamp.org and now it’s located at www.freecodecamp.org/forum.

We’re still working on getting all the links to the forum to redirect correctly.

You may be wondering - why change this?

The reason is we’re moving all of our subdomains - guide.freecodecamp.org, learn.freecodecamp.org, and others - to www.freecodecamp.org. This is for a few reasons:

  • It simplifies user experience
  • It simplifies authentication
  • it will make it easier for us to localize freeCodeCamp into new world languages

We’re working on a ton of initiatives in preparation for Hacktoberfest so look for more updates soon :slight_smile:


Is using subdomains for sub-applications going to become a poor practice we acknowledge in the years to come?

From an SEO point of view, Google says that it treats sub-domains and sub-folders the same way, but some SEO experts believe that sub-domains will be considered new and separated from the main website, therefore, going for a sub-folder is much better.

A video by Google Webmasters explains which one is the most beneficial for SEO:

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Can the counter that showed how many challenges one has completed, which used to be situated on top- right be brought back?

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That number was not how many challenges a user had completed, but how many brownie points a user had earned. Brownie points could be earned not only by completing challenges, but by receiving “thanks” in gitter.

This confusing user experience is on of the reasons we removed the feature.

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oh ok, thanks for the information

And what of chapters and study groups (communities?)? Will these remain part of the whole suite?..

I actually co-hosted an event today for our city chapter, and went looking for the chapter listings/index along with a search for the entry point of how a person interested in starting a chapter or study group would get started. I could not find any related mention of navigation for this, until I turned to google to search for it.