Outstanding Javascript Book

I’m not sure if this has been posted here or not, but this book works for beginners (basic description and application) to advanced (pointing out little nuances and quirks of the language). Enjoy.


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I bought a printed copy of this book and recommend it to everyone who wants to learn JS.

Iv looked into this book as well, but i have read that after i think chapter 5 or so it becomes quite difficult for beginners, is this correct?

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Yes, there is quite a bit of a sharp learning curve. It starts out easy, but I started getting into trouble even in chapter 4. But most tutorials have this problem. Quincy posted about this on Twitter a while ago.
https://javascript30.com is a free hands-on course by Wes Bos that I found very accessible.

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I suppose it would be like trying to read any technical manual as a novel. If you blaze through the chapters without solidifying the earlier basic concepts then I could see where the later chapters could become a bit heavy on the cognitive faculties. One definitely needs to take their time and be sure they have a firm grasp on the current material before moving on to the next chapter.


Yeah, I signed on for Wes’s course about a month ago and downloaded the initial drum kit challenge but I haven’t had a chance to try and get it working yet. I’m hoping to get some time to start tinkering with them because they look really cool. The intermediate front end projects here at FCC I’m finding are really time intensive as I fumble through the concepts for the first time.

I’ve had this book suggested to me on multiple occasions as I’m learning JS for the first time. I appreciate the link and I may just buy a printed copy for my early Christmas gift. Much thanks for the link!

Before you buy this for Christmas, you may be interested to know that the 3rd edition is in the works.


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The best part about the ebook is that you can click on the examples and they have a built in run enviroment so you can see their results and play with them. It removes a level of abstraction that the normal book would have.


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