Eloquent JavaScript

Curious to here if anyone else is working through this book. I know @Luiko is. Currently on Chapter 4 and enjoying it. For those that haven’t read it yet, note that it can ramp up in complexity pretty quickly if you are fairly new to programming in general.

Here is a link to the free eBook -> http://eloquentjavascript.net/

You can also buy the book in print form.

Here is another link to the annotated version of the book --> http://watchandcode.com/courses/eloquent-javascript-the-annotated-version

NOTE: The annotated version only covers the first 7 chapters I believe. The guy who did it, Gordon Zhu, ended up releasing his own online class, Practical JavaScript, which you can also find on that website (he is the founder of watchandcode.com)


Well, Eloquent JavaScript is an excellent book and for me is very challenging, I am not a beginner at all, I have code in other languages(C# and C++), but still is challenging to learning a new language and learning from a book in English(I live in Mexico).
I stop reading the book on chapter 6 because I want to focus on finishing the front-end certificate, and the book was consuming a lot of time for me, so now I’m plan continue and complete the book after finish the front-end.
The firsts chapters are very helpful for understanding the language, now I can work on the projects more comfortable.
My aim is back-end developer so that’s why I must complete this great book. Sorry for my English.

I think initially the book starts off well explaining everything pretty neatly and you enjoy reading it as well. But suddenly the difficulty ramps up and some of the things are quite difficult to understand as well unless read twice or may be thrice. I am also not a complete beginner, i had programming experience of 6 months though relatively less but half the things i already knew even then i found it a little tough to understand. Nonetheless its a good book and everyone should give it a go unless you’re a complete beginner.


I just started this book and optimistically hope I can work my way through it!

I agree the book in the beginning is very easy to understand and ramps up too fast in difficulty. It may be the go to guide for experienced Javascript developers but another book maybe better for beginners that need hand holding and deep explanations.

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@jake-wies It is a great book to learn JavaScript from depth. Happy Coding…

Totally agree with you.