Who wants to join me for Eloquent JS journey?

Hello friends,

i want to start with the “Eloquent JavaScript” book
and i want to see if there are people interested to do the same.

I am really eager to finish it and will be really happy if someone would share the struggle with me :slight_smile:

you can find Eloquent JavaScript online and it’s free.

Thanks !


I read the entire Eloquent JavaScript book last summer. It was very helpful! It look about three months, but it was well worth the investment. Make sure to look at all of his code examples and try to do the exercises.


Sure. I’m down. I recently started reading it as well.

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I can join to you. I need to remember my knowledge on JS. Plus have a huge time gap between home and office so why not ? But how we’ll syncronize each other ? Do you have a goal list ? It would be really good.

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I am reading that book right now as well. I’d be happy to join you. I am working on the exercises for chapter 5 right now. I can help you on the early chapters if you need it.

I’m interested. What’s your plan? Like a study group?

Cool! Thanks for the suggestion!

Very interested as well, I am just starting to learn JS.

I’m in!

I’m currently at chapter 3…

How is it going to work exactly?

Maybe you should start from the beginning… and when (and if) you catch up with someone else he will join you…

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It’s a very well written book! Clear, everyday language with easy to understand examples and well organized chapters. I bought the hard copy last month. I’m on page 110. Enjoy!

I am also reading it at this moment, though I have just started and i am currently on page 35. :wink:

Hi guys, sorry for not replying earlier. I had bunch of stuff to do. So i am here now. I dont have a srict plan. I will simply start to read the book. Maybe we can create room on slack or gitter. Or github repo… Dont know, what do you think is the best. I think slack room is not bad idea…

Join my Slack team! https://join.slack.com/t/eloquentjs-fcc/shared_invite/MjIzMzcyMTYwNjk1LTE1MDE4NTMyMzAtNzRiZDQwZmFkNQ

So… I have created slack room. You are all wellcome to join me and we can start :slight_smile:

I’m in…I think we should come up with a final project


I’m also reading this book and it is very helpful! Sometimes I’m struggling with some codes, soo I’m interested in a study group o.o

I’m currently at chapter 6…

@nutooka nice, you are ahead of us, you can find slack group few posts earlier ,join us

I recently started the book - I’m only on Chapter 2 and reading it very slowly, sometimes repeating parts until my brain clicks - it’s a heavy book to take in but I’d be down for joining in too.

Make sure that everyone is typing the code out too!

Right now, I’m trying to get a really good handle on HTML5/CSS3 (geolocation, web storage, etc.), but once I’m done, I’m moving on to an in-depth study of JavaScript, particulary JSON, which I see is in Chapter 5.

I’m really looking forward to it, but I might be a little late to the party.

I think group will be on.just new members :slight_smile: