Study group wanted


I want a group to study and learn stuff with. I’m not learning fast enough on my own and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m not putting in enough time. I think I’d put more time into this if I had a group to learn with so I could be more engaged. I remember learning that teaching other people is one of the best ways to learn from more than a few different sources. If anyone is interested in creating a study group with me, or if anyone has a study group that I could be a part of I’d appreciate it greatly.

Hello! I could be available if we might end up being in a similar learning curve at the moment. Could you tell me where you are stuck at right now?

I’m not exactly stuck. I usually figure out whatever issue I’m having in a day. I’m just moving through the program too slow. right now I’m on Basic Algorithm scripting. I’ve got four more challenges there and then I move on to the next section. I need to figure out if there is a way to share anki decks so we can add note cards to them and learn all of these Javascript functions. I also don’t feel like I understand well enough to move on. I haven’t done anything with reduce yet so i now I don’t understand enough of that to move on. I think map is derived from either reduce or filter I can’t remember which one right now.

Chingu Cohorts

He’ll post on the forum every so often to gather the next round, stay tuned.

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Ill cool to be apart of a study group. We can make a discord server if you want.

I agree with that. Can I start adding you on Facebook or Skype or whatever you like? So I’ll be able to contact you tonight in order to organize that.

Agree with @frenata

Apply for the Chingu Cohort!

I’ve applied 30mins ago :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’m working very slow and I’m not completely understanding JavaScript. I learn better amongst a group, so I would like to attend any group sessions.

Dear people interested in group coding and a sort of dynamic group to interact with. I’ve created this discord channel. I’m probably the lowbiest of you all, but I hope we could improve all together throughout the same objective.

I am about to start learning Javascript and I just feel the same! I am also in need of a coding group so that we can help and motivate each other to learn faster! :slight_smile:

Join us here!