Looking for a parner in JS studying

Hello everyone!
I’m eager to find a man who has recently started to learn JS for discussing the themes and other related topics in frontend programming. I study alone and feel upset sometimes, that’s why I think that it would be easier to learn with somebody else.
Looking forward to your responses!

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hi @Alifanna!

What type of help do you need? Im sure this forum could help you a lot, don’t hesitate to ask, if you have problems in your JS challenges.

That’s great. I can’t be active all the time but i’ll be more than happy to help anyone who is struggling with javascript or any frontend related issues. Tell me how you want to proceed with your plan of studying with a partner ?!

Which source are you using to learn JS?
I think we’ll be able to help you out

Hello everyone! I am also studying javascript,
I am currently finishing the basics module and I would love to enter a study group!
How can I join?
best wishes!

Same here. If you joined the group, hope that I can join it as well.
Best wishes ^^