Learning JS with a partner (English)


I’ve been trying my hand at learning JS for some time now and it’s just not clicking very easily for me. I feel like having someone with me that I can bounce ideas off or a second perspective could help and also hold me accountable. We could schedule study sessions or something. This is just an idea I had and thought it could be useful and fun.

Let me know if you would be interested! (I live in the US and only speak English)


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I have an idea that we need to talk about for studying. Respond with dm when you read this. Ill tell you more on it.

Hello IMH! I hope this counts as a DM. I’m very new to this site and don’t see another way of responding. Thanks

hey! Derek, i think it’s awesome learning to code through peer programming whilst holding each other accountable. i’m interested.

sup what will you be working on in terms of studying?

i don’t know if I am too late for this but I am working on JS, HTML and CSS .
II am also in search of a coding buddy

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hii, i’m from indonesian
i’m student, can i join?