Looking for a study partner

Hi guys, as I have said in Time to learn JS I wanna start learning JS but I need a study partner with whom we will learn together, share our interests, setbacks and all.
Anyone interested??


Does the language i am trying to learn have to be JavaScript as well?

Javascript, HTML/CSS. That’s all the languages I know

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Oh, okay, right now i am learning c#. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

me too I wanna start learning Javascript and i need a partner who i will learn together with

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welcome to fcc :wave:t4: :wave:t4:, do u know HTML/CSS?

yeah i know the basics

Lets start then , super excited !!

I am intrested…I would love to study with you.

Few days ago i am learning these languages …
For more detail com on WhatsApp and learn together
My WhatsApp:

I’m looking to improve my JS skills (which are pretty basic at the moment). Message me if your interested :+1:

I’m (apparently) a senior c# programmer, but I’m happy do some code reviews for you as I need practice on that front! Message me if you’re interested.

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I’m interested. Am currently learning html though

I am interested. I’ve just started though but I am making a good progress. I could use some help

I am interested, pls.

@Phuti, @emmaariyom1 @stevenodutu @wasifgill374 @opudoprince. Do you all have any knowledge of html/css?

Hello Glory, do you need any help?

yeah I have.I am quite contented with both of them…why if I may ask

well I will just like to know if you know html/css or you just want to start JS so I know the people I am working with and their level of understanding.

can you teache sume html and css