Looking for study partner

I started to learn web development using html, css and Javascript… Sometimes I can’t get myself to study that’s why I am looking for a study partner. If anyone is interested in studying html, css, Javascript dm me. Thank you.

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hey. I’m doing css at the moment but I’ve been looking for a study partner too lol, so if you still interested we can help eachother?

hey… I was looking for a study partner too lol

My idea is to help each other out while finishing the curriculum, reviewing each others curriculum project results and then maybe we could try to do some open source project together to apply the concepts

I am now in the responsive web design - css flexbox section

Hey Same Looking for study partner too
idk how to send direct messages here, so how do i contact someone?

click on the icon next to the username → then click on ‘message’

If you ever complete a project and need feedback on it, create a project feedback post and tag me in it (Use @ symbol). Make sure to put it on a site like codepen.io so I can view it.

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