Override default Bootstrap breakpoints is not working

I’m trying to override the default Bootstrap breakpoints so XXL breaks at 1440px instead of at 1400px.

The container width should also be 1440px. So I did find this code example where they have both the $grid-breakpoints and $container-max-width also be the same value:

codeply code example

Here is what I have so far. Obviously I’ve done no ‘beatifying’ yet, it’s very basic layout code only:


But it’s not breaking at 1440px , still at 1400px.

I hope someone can give some insight.

I’m trying to figure this out still . I’m using Ruby if it matters and cdn links.

I’m wondering if this is only possible using the npm package manager and downloading bootstrap?
I’m hoping not , as that seems rather complicated for now.

Hope someone can give some insight or so.

I found this stackoverflow post , yesterday already, but it’s of little help:
stackoverflow post

I forgot to add, I’m also using Sass.

I just would like to know how to do this with cdn links and sass.

Everywhere I read , including the official documentation , it involves downloading Bootstrap , and I have no clue how to do this with a project I’m uploading to github?

I relented and downloaded bootstrap and got it to work. Thought it would be much fussier.

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