Page View Time Series Visualizer - Problem with tests in

Hi, it turns out that when running the tests on “”, it returns an error that is displayed on the screen, but running the tests locally using “” or “” does not give any error.

I share the link. - project link

The offending line is

    df_fig1 = df_box.groupby([(df_box.year), (df_box.value)], as_index=False).mean()

The error is probably due to different versions of the dependencies. I ran the script locally with pandas 1.2.0 and had the same error as was produced on (version 1.1.5). I tried eliminating the line to see what would happen; it solved the problem and passed all the tests.

So, check your version of pandas and/or decide if you really need this line anyway.

Good luck.

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Sure enough, locally he had a very old version of “Pandas”.
Now I have updated the packages and fixed the problem, now the tests run correctly and I completed the challenge.

Thanks a lot.