Pair programming?

Hi TheOnlyRealTodd
I am currently working my way though the lessons and the algorithm challenges but to be honest, I want to learn Node, MongoDB and Angular. The challenges I haven’t found inspiring so far - probably because I have hit brick walls.

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Heh, I got nodejs and mongodb covered, it’s the front-end that I don’t like.

@JohnnyBizzel I know what you mean. The challenges can definitely be dry, but that’s a good sign that you want to learn those things (Node, Mongo, and Angular). I think #1 priority is making real-world, usable products. #2 priority would be the challenges. And yes, the algorithms help you to think like a programmer and are fun sometimes… And yes, you will have to use algorithms in every day coding. In fact, I used 2-3 today in my quote generator. However, I, much like you seem to be, need a product to motivate my efforts. I’d much rather solve an algorithm as part of developing an app than just solve an algorithm/challenge to solve an algorithm/challenge.

But at the end of the day, it’s about your portfolio, experience, and who you know. Let’s face it: Most people looking for a web developer would rather have you show them a website you developed for Stella Artois (or at least other sites that has similar features to what they’re looking for) than show them how you can come up with the Fibonacci series but have nothing to show for it. Unless of course you’re going to a specialized coding job where you’re delving more into the algorithmic side of programming.

That said though, I’ve taken more interest in the challenges lately for some reason. Probably because I finally finished with my ASP.NET Model View Controller/Entity Framework class lol.

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Just had a first pair with @JohnnyBizzel. We worked through one of the intermediate algorithms together… think I definitely got more out of it than him but he was patient with me! We’re on a similar stage in the projects (Weather App) so will catch up again tomorrow.

We used Google Hangouts for voice and video, and JSFiddle for the code collaboration. Hangouts was great, though JSFiddle wasn’t so great as it’s not easy to run the raw JS code, but was good to see each other make changes to the code on the page in real-time.

John mentioned that seems like it could be really useful. It has a pair code mode. It has a nice animation and diagram of what your variables are at each step of the code. I think this will be useful for visually debugging what’s happening in your code.

Have been told that Cloud9 works for collaboration, and I have briefly tested plugins for Atom (Atom-pair and Motepair) that could be useful, if both parties use Atom.

There doesn’t seem to be a great how-to for easy pair coding, so let us know what you guys find works!




Thanks for that info! Yeah I just did a session with @Diego_Perez on jsfiddle… It’s not the best but it’s something I guess. Personally, I prefer to use my own local HTML files and my browser. Skype also kinda sucks but it does have a screenshare. Does Google Hangouts have that?

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You all may find these tools helpful:

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I’m also interested in pair programming - primarily to get used to collaborating and break free from coding in a silo. A few sites I’m aware of that offer free collaboration include hyperdev, jsfiddle, and c9. For voice chat, teamspeak is available for the three big OS platforms. ventrilo for Windows and Mac, or consider the web app discord for chat and voice (platform agnostic).

I’ve completed the front-end cert and skipped straight to the back-end - currently at URL shortener. PM me via gitter @0x0936 if interested. I’m happy to help with any prior challenges and projects - HTML / CSS, Basic JavaScript, etc.

Yep, Google Hangouts works great. I’ve used it a lot in the past for voice/video and screensharing.

Hello! I’m interested in working in pairs. I’m currently working through the basic java script section. If anyone is interested my username is ‘robel612’, feel free to message me.

I’ve been “stood up” for pair programming twice now. I am happy to help people but if you want me to help, at least have the decency to say if you can’t make the arranged time! :frowning:

If your are interested, contact me:

Cool. I am following you on GitHub and I messaged you on Gitter.

Anybody interested in pair programming with me? I’m currently at the “Sorted Union” bonfire (“Intermediate algorithm scripting”).

I am not the best guy to help you here. I had to ask a question on Stack Overflow to do this one.
If you get stuck, let me know and I will try to help.

Thanks Johnny. FCC suggests to pair program the intermediate algorithms challenges.

I have completed all the algorithm challenges. Let me know if you need help.

Hi @niccolomineo and @JohnnyBizzel and everyone else,

Are you still looking/down to pair program some of the intermediate JavaScript algorithms? I have not pair programmed before but am actually stuck on Sorted Union and would like to start pairing more often generally.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!

I am interested in pair programming as well and am currently working through the intermediate algorithims too so anyone who can program with me I am usually programming around 9- 10 pm

Which time zone do you mean?
And which times are convenient?
@ReRunJMC @furofo

Hi :),

I have 1 year experience in JAVA,Spring and hibernate being a java developer. I am willing to learn the full stack dev and would like to pair if anyone interested weekends i can give all the time. while on weekdays i will be available only during nights… Peace – BTW Dont Except a course walkthrough i am only expecting pairing for the project development right now i am going through javascript.

@JohnnyBizzel @ReRunJMC @furofo @niccolomineo

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