Paragraph Tag text inline too long

Hi, when I’m using a <p> tag and add text, it doesn’t go back to line but stick to same continue line. I’d like it to go back to line. How do I go with it? See the issue on the screenshot below.

that’s an editor setting, not a code thing.
As a code thing you can break the text in multiple lines, if that’s what you want

How do I set VS Code to get it right?

it should be something about wrapping text, I am sure you can google about it


Try pressing ALT + Z . This helps me to break long lines and display them in screen width in VSC. By pressing ALT + Z again you can redo the changes.

I wouldn’t suggest using Word Wrap.

Instead, install the Prettier extension and set it as the default code formatter. You can have it format on save. It will handle the line-length formatting for you.

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