Pastel-Flavoured Local Weather App

Hey guys,

Completed this project today, I used the Open Weather Map API so had to locate via IP, therefore location isn’t always accurate. I plan on migrating to the Dark Skies API at some point soon, but for now I’m happy with the design and the functionality. I wanted the design to be as clean and simple as possible - I’m a big fan of minimalism when it comes to layout as you can probably tell.

There is a minor bug where if you switch between celsius and fahrenheit too fast it gets the wires crossed, working on it now but felt I was ready to draw a line under this for now.

Hit me with your feedback good and bad!


Your project has a very nice and clean appearance and feel to it. It worked perfectly for me by giving me my correct location and temp information. I am particularly impressed with your animated switch between F and C temps. Nice touch. Congratulations again.


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Thanks for the feedback David! Much appreciated