Local Weather App Completed! Need some feedback!

Just finished my local weather app. Need some feedback guys!
Click here to view.

The user interface is nice and clean, but for some reason it’s not picking up my location. It just says “loading”.

Use a different weather map api source such as darksky’s api if you want to use geolocation. Openweather api prevents HTTPS requests on their free version. Or if you still want to use Openweather then you should specify a city or lat and lon instead of obtaining the lat and lon from geolocation.

Also near the end of your html, you need to remove the script that loads https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mdbootstrap/4.1.1/js/mdb.min.js and place that source code inside of your pen settings to load external javascript underneath jquery’s cdn script to prevent an Uncaught ReferenceError

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Love the design!!

but like another person said, it did not show the weather, it just says “loading”

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Hey guy’s fixed it! You can visit the site, I’m pretty sure it’s working properly now. Also,thank you for your feedback. :relaxed:

The interface is sleek. :thumbsup:

I see the weather, but I don’t see any images. Images from imgur don’t work well with codepen.

Maybe you can make the entire temperature box clickable? I was wondering why the unit won’t change, but it turns out I have to click the unit itself. The hover effect on the temperature box made me think that it was the box itself that was clickable (the same goes for the other box).

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Fixed everything! At least I hope so… Anyways thanks for the feedback everyone!

This is excellent, love it, much than mines that I did, which was lazily simple. See this http://codepen.io/Jenry/full/mrNoGB/

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