Local Weather App. Finished. Ready for feedback

Greetings everyone. Local Weather Application

The location’s a bit off. Also the background image shows “Pixabay Free Images”.

what you mean “off” Can not you see your location? and Is not there any photo in the background? In my browser everything seems normal. I did not understand what was wrong.

The location worked fine for me but on my tablet the words pixaboy free images clashes with the location and temperature.

Apart from that I’m now excited about progressing my own JavaScript knowledge.

It also says not hotlinking so maybe that’s why we can’t see it

I see. Thank you for your feedback. I will be handling it

It’s off, but it’s not really that far either. So you’re OK.

I think photos ok now.

I still don’t see a background image. Just a gray background. :confused:

About the toggle button, try modifying the event listener so it doesn’t jump to the top of the page when I click it.

// add `e` to the parameter list over here .V
    unit.addEventListener("click", function(e) {
      e.preventDefault(); // then insert this line
      if (unit.className === "C") {

I added eventListener(). As to background images, I changed the https url’s with the hot links. I can see images both in tablet, pc and my phone. So I do not know why you can’t :confused: any way thank you for your help.

I can see the image now :thumbsup:. Just reduce the box’s transparency a bit to make the text more readable

Thank you mate :slight_smile: I will.