People say you need to build something, but I don't know what to build

What are somethings that I can build?

I like to build things that are useful, and right now I don’t even know how to code. For me, the idea of building a game app or calculator app doesn’t seem motivating enough. So I’m wondering what are some things that people build in order to improve their skills and coding, when they are trying to learn?

Also, what things do people put in their portfolio that they show employers that hey, look this is what’s in my portfolio. Do they show things like a calculator app or something that they made?

I was wondering if you can tell me some ideas that are simple and useful and practical for me to do so that when I’m learning to code, I have a purpose for why I’m learning it.

Right now I’m stuck in the dilemma because I don’t know what coding does. And I like to know what I can do with something before I do it.

I am confused.

Google: “web projects for beginners”


What’s your motivation to learn to code? Just for fun? A career?

If you don’t know how to code go through the curriculum here, start at the beginning, I found it quite beneficial for learning.

Building a calculator app may not seem interesting, but the whole point is that you learn by doing. And as you learn you begin to think like a programmer, you begin to understand what can be done. With coding you really have to break things down into very small pieces - where to start, what is the first step that needs to be done to complete a project. Do you know where to start if you were going to build a calculator app? If not, you’re likely not ready to do something more complicated you might find more interesting. I’m not saying you should build a calculator app, but think of it as a stepping stone in the learning process to creating more complex apps.

Not sure what you mean here because I would think you actually do have an idea since coding is involved in many things in your daily life, like the computer and website you used to reach out to other people and ask a question. Maybe you just don’t know what direction/learning path you should take to get to where you want?

If you have JavaScript and HTML certifications, try working at basic applications. Build a general calculator, random color selector, etc.

What I like to do is take basic math concepts, such as prime numbers or standard deviation, and code calculators to do them. I also would get inspiration from video games I like and make fan projects.

When you get experience in API’s via the 3rd certification, you can go online and find API’s you like. This can include weather data, Youtube, twitter, etc and build projects based off of the data.

Start from scratch. You are asking the right question at the wrong time. First learn HTML, CSS, Javascript well, then you can worry about a portfolio.
The topic of the projects, don’t matter too much as what you will learn of every single project.
Focus on learn the basics with beginner projects, then in the middle term, you can start to design your own portfolio.
Just for information, you can try the five projects of the FCC certification. You will learn by doing.
Best wishes

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If you found freeCodeCamp, you probably already have an idea of the importance of codes in our every-day living: from the moment the alarm (if you use one) wakes you up to the time you get a reminder on your phone. Have you encountered a process you thought could be more efficient and less laborious through technology? If yes, you already know what you can do with coding! However, it’ll be all fantasy if you don’t learn the basic building blocks (like building a calculator :wink:).

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