Personal Portfolio - Making space between bootstrap rows

Hey all! I’m working on the “portfolio” section of my personal portfolio page, and I have a few rows of images in line with text. They look fine but I’m trying to add a little buffer space between the rows. I’ve tried adding padding to the images, which didn’t work, and putting a spacer div in between the two rows, that didn’t do anything either. I think I’m missing something.

link to codepen is below. Thanks!

Did u tried to use margin-bottom to rows?

I did, by nesting it under another div element and applying the margin bottom in css

height: 10px

is not enough. Increase your height.

.spacer {
  height: 50px;    /// increase from 10px
  border: 1px solid red;  // temporary: so you can see the spacing, remove this line later

A better solution will be to use class=“mywork” or something like, instead of class=“container” for your portfolio rows and then adding

   margin-bottom: 50px; // or some other value