Personal Portfolio need advice

Hello! I’m making a Personal Portfolio where I can’t seem to pass all the tests. If I run the test on this page in codepen, then I pass all 12 tests, but in my freecodecamp account I can’t pass 2 points and styles are not displayed. It seems that freecodecamp doesn’t see the stylesheet at all.

Accordingly, I can’t get past the last 2 points:

  1. Your portfolio should use at least one media query.
  2. Your #navbar element should always be at the top of the viewport.

on 1 point - I definitely added media queries here and they work out on this page.
On the 2nd point - #navbar in the codepen works correctly - because the menu remains at the top of the screen.

my codepen link -

This is what it looks like in my freecodecamp:

Well since all the tasks has been marked correctly on codepen you can as well proceed to submit the codepen link and move on to the next challenge…

You have href="/css/style.css" which isn’t the correct name for the file and it also has a path that shouldn’t be included. It should just be styles.css

As an aside, you are not allowed to copy the example project code. Changing text and images does not make it OK.

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no, codepen links can’t be submitted

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