Personal Portfolio - "The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport"

My height is set to 100 vh but the test says I am off by 1 px.

I have no margin or padding.

Also, the example personal portfolio made by FCC won’t even pass the test…What am I supposed to do?

please give us a link to your codepen so we can take a look

Here is my unfinished personal portfolio :

And here is the example that only passes 11 out of the 12 tests:

hmm, your link passes that test…
did you mean some other test?

and the other link you gave shows 12/12 passed tests

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Passes all the tests for me.

Weird. My Chrome is updated but the tests still won’t pass. Oh well, as long as it passes for everyone else, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Thank you both for your help.

you could always try to clear the cache and retry… maybe it will help.

I am having this issue and I did not find any of the fixes resolved my problem. The viewport height is the only test that is not currently passing.

Can someone take a look and give me some feedback?
Portfolio (work in progress)

Hi @smithfamily42!

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This topic has not been active for two years so I would suggest creating a new topic and people can assist you there.


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