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Hello everyone, I am stuck on some things for my portfolio page.

  1. If you scroll right for some reason the screen extends to bigger than viewport width, i cannot figure out how to fix this!
  2. My social links at the bottom, I cannot seem to lessen the gap between each item

I would really appreciate some help with these problems

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Challenge: Personal Portfolio Webpage - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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A few things you may find helpful to debug:

  • commenting out code.

    • try commenting out ALL of your width: 100% in your css. This will help you see what is causing the viewport to overflow
      (you can always uncomment the ones you need once you find the problem)
  • adding borders to your HTML.

    • I like to use `* { border: 1px solid green };
      (this can help you see where one element ends and another begins.)
  • ‘Inspector’ tools.

    • if you right click an element on your page, it will bring up a menu, click ‘inspect’ to bring up tools.
      (your browser tools may look slightly different to mine, I’m using Microsoft Edge)

In my browser tools you can hover over an elements code to see its padding, margin and size.

I’m not sure if this is the element you were having trouble with :confused:
looking at the box model on the bottom right, you can see a top padding of 100, and bottom padding of 150

Thank you for the tip, adding the border to html really helped, ill use that from now on for all my projects
Turns out i needed to add the :before:after box-sizing inherit rule and it fixed it x

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