Personal Portfolio Webpage : linking to local images?

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I’m wondering how (if) I can link projects to html files and images stored on my laptop instead of an internet based url

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You can do it, but only you will see it. In local.
In order for others to see it, you must upload your files to the internet or create a server on your computer.


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I had the same idea sometimes back. But I found it impossible to reference images in my local machine in my freeCodeCamp projects. I thinks that’s because, the code and the image are in different directories. the fCC code we write is on an server/online directory and can’t use data on our PC. The only data it can use is data on online directories aka images on the internet.

Hope this makes sense :upside_down_face:

Thanks for that, Grets.
Probably not worth the effort to create my own server right now: let me get past basic html before I do that :smiley: !

Thanks Ruben - that’s more or less what I suspected, so I’ll just use the canned ones available from the example - to be fair I think the purpose of the exercise is to test one’s ability to create a nice looking webpage… the content is very much secondary to that!

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