Personal Portfolio Webpage Review

Hello everyone,

I thought I could get some help here… This is my PPW:

Though I worked with Bootstrap, the site is still not responsive, it only looks good on desktop and notebook screens, but not on cell phone screens.

I would appreciate any reviews and suggestions… Thank you…

Looks good. One suggestion…fix the banner to the top. That way a user still has access to the nav buttons.
Keep it simple!

Thank you, @kendsr.

I mistakenly defined both fixed and relative position values, here it is with the fixed navbar:

Hi, @almae12e13. If you’re using Bootstrap, there is no need to set the width of your div blocks in the CSS file. And, for the phone screens you should add class=“col-xs-" alongside with "col-md-”.

You should check the responsiveness of your website, once I resize the page it falls apart.
Check the image attached.

Thank you all.

@xyxb23, thanks a lot for your remark, I added both xs and lg classes together with md class, now it looks good on a phone in a way the page does not fall apart, but it’s still not responsive.

Also, I can’t figure out why the top and bottom bars are not full width of the screen, as I did not specify any values…