PHP - Where is the love?

Sometimes the term “scripting language” is used to refer to interpreted languages, as opposed to compiled languages, where the latter are often considered the “real” programming languages. But that line is blurry.

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I think in large part it has to do with where the market is going. While a lot of the web today is still powered by a language like PHP, if you’re starting a new company chances are you’re looking elsewhere. Try looking up engineering positions at web-based startup companies founded in the last few years and you’re likely to find a stack built on JS, Ruby, Java, etc…

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I think PHP is underrated. In my opinion still most of the industry is using PHP. Take for example Wordpress and Drupal. If you combine them (both written in php) they consume more than 60 percent of all websites in the world.

Personally, my story is that I followed the courses here and landed a job as Drupal dev. And I have a hard time to understand it since it was not taught here. However the method used here in FCC is great to learn the other languages, PHP is still the most commonly used languages and there are still the most jobs there. This does not mean that it is a nice language to learn, but in my opinion it would suit FCC to start a separate elective PHP.


It’s because PHP has been there for so long that many companies use it. Also it costs less to use something that has been there before than creating something new.

My thought’s exactly.

PHP is still the best one to land a job.

If your dream is the support of projects written 10-15 years ago, so yes, PHP is good.

If you want to write something modern - PHP is crappy here, be honest.

I think the first dream should be to land that first dev job, I can change the world later.

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How do you debug PHP?

Like any other language?

I may be way off here, but…
PHP is mostly a separate file hosted on a server…which deals with databases ( mysql etc)
which are Also hosted on a server…most of which are not free…?
FreeCodeCamp may use Repl,It eventually for training, much like it uses Codepen now?