Please add PHP challenges and a tutorial

PHP is very versatile, and it will be very useful for campers to learn. Adding PHP will attract more campers as well.


Please don’t. Legacy technologies can’t increase your chances to find a good work.

php is not legacy tech


I think part of the FCC’s core effort is to concentrate learning and coding in JavaScript because it is the language of the web and browsers. This way campers work and learn under one language and syntax, and can branch out to other languages when they establish a foundation as a programmer.

If campers wants to learn PHP, or Python, Ruby on Rails…etc. There are plenty of other resources they can find online. They are all useful in their own ways. FCC isn’t trying to teach you all of it, it’s providing a learning path for a practical foundation.


I would say “Don’t” only because it would dilute FCC’s focus. … and not because PHP is legacy tech… some kinda tech snobbery going on there.


I think it would be very benificial for campers to eventually get exposed to php. I personally see a need for developers to have some knowlege of PHP because there is so much if it out there. <?php echo "Hell yes"; ?>

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I think, you can learn Karate and you can learn Krav Maga, but you don’t have to learn them in the same gym and from the sensei.

I believe founders of FCC chose to concentrate on the web and JavaScript for good reasons.

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Nothing stops you from doing some challenges with PHP. That’s what I did, and that’s how I learned some basic PHP programming.
P.S. PHP isn’t legacy, most of the backend jobs require knowledge of PHP. Node.js jobs are very very rare, at least in my region.

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PHP is hardly legacy. FCC’s omission of PHP is a bit silly, given their ‘full stack’ claim.

Given that PHP is used on over 80% of all sites where the server side language is known. It is by far and away the most used language on the web. Having said that, JS is dominant in far fewer site but those sites have a much higher usage.

Frameworks such as Laravel and their integration with Vue.js are excellent examples of modern use of a highly functional performant webstack.

Anyway. I am here to lear JS so it’s not so much of a problem for me as a student, there are other resources for PHP for anyone who needs them, I just take FCC’s purported certification with a grain of salt… if you are not teaching PHP you are not teaching the full web stack. Period.

Just to qualify the above, I’m referring to JS being used server side.

If you look at other non-free coding bootcamps or moocs, such as Udacity, they may be teaching Ruby or Python but they are not teaching PHP.

Good things FCC is open source.

This means you can create your own challenges/sections, and then submit. Maybe they will be integrated into the official curriculum.

Who knows! :slight_smile: