Picasso Painting: FontAwesome icons not displaying?

I’ve completed this exercise, but the music notes or whatever were supposed to be displayed via FontAwesome are not visible at all. They also are not visible in the preview image of what the completed image will look like. I’m using Firefox 115.0.2 and I’ve got all blocking add-ons disabled for FCC.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any ideas what could be going wrong?

Also just a suggestion: I was working with the window sized relatively small, and the preview section only using about a third of the window, and the painting was very, very confusing because elements kept overlapping. There should be a suggestion at the beginning to make the preview window as large as possible, so you can clearly see the 3 characters are not supposed to be overlapping each other.

Try using a different browser (with no add-ons)

Yep, confirmed it’s working in Chrome, at least. But what is going on w/ Firefox? Is FontAwesome universally no longer supported by Firefox?

I’m using FF 116 on linux and the notes are showing for me. You might check the browser’s console to see if there are any errors regarding loading the fontawesome CSS.

Weird – after fooling around in console, now the icons are appearing. No clue what I may have clicked to change anything. I can see the GET requests; no errors or warnings for fontawesome, though a bunch appear for denied connections to paypal (I’m guessing something about the donation popup).

This is a good point. An image like this is designed to be viewed at a certain width. Probably what needs to be done is put a wrapper div around everything and set a minimum width on it so the image doesn’t get too narrow. For works of art like this it is acceptable to have a horizontal scroll bar.

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add another div: the solution to all things CSS

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