Pig latin -handling words without vowels

It looks like a simple task, but the last check “Should handle words without vowels.” always fails. However, I can see it correctly converts “bbccdd” to “bbccdday”.

What am I missing here?

We can’t know what you’re missing if we don’t know what you have. Can you share your code?


it passes all the tests except last and I am not 100% sure what it is expected results for words without vowels

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For the record, the forum is searchable, even by google…

Note that, according to that post and the challenge, Y is not considered a vowel.

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my bad :slight_smile:
thank you so much… that’s really something new for a non native english speaker

Not a problem at all, @vmnomad – if you do a google search for “pig latin without vowels” one of the first results is a half-dozen references to FCC (to this very forum!), and the first one listed (at least for me) was a discussion when FCC was in Beta about how to handle this very problem. It’s not uncommon to get hung.

But see the search icon in the upper right corner? It is your friend. :wink:

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