Placing text next to my Nav bar

Alright so I realize this information has to be out there already but I am having trouble finding it or perhaps I have found it and I am not understanding it. I’ve googled and did a search on these forums. My issue is, I have a vertical nav bar along the left side of my page and I want text (my main content, really) to be on the right of that and no matter what my text ends up below that vertical nav box.

My first idea was to group my paragraphs in a

with the nav bar and in the css file assign them as display: inline-block; but that didn’t do anything and since I’ve tried a million things without producing the results Im looking for. Can anyone point me in the right direction or just outright tell me what to do?

Do you have a link to the code?

I don’t have a link to the code but I could copy and paste it into these forums. Im just not entirely certain how much code to give you. It doesn’t seem appropriate to post the entire html and entire css files but I don’t know what would be appropriate?

You could make a quick example at

Good idea, thank you! Here it is: So I’m looking to make the text go to the right of the vertical nav bar and below the horizontal nav bar