Placing text to the right of an image. (HTML & CSS)

I have encountered an issue placing text beside an image.

I have an img to the left of the page and want to place a h5, a p and a larger p to the right of it.
I have tried putting a making the image float:left; and the text float:right; and i had no luck as this just collapsed the page.

New Canvas

Here’s a drawing of what i’m trying to achieve.


UPDATE: only used float:left; on image. Put a Display:inlineblock; on text and now the h5 and the first p are displayed next to the image as designed. However, the larger p will not follow suit. I assume it is too large but have no clue how to edit this further.

Do you have a codepen for this?

May help if you enclose the h5, and the 2 p’s in a div. That way, they behave as a group.

All of them are in a

i removed the display:inlineblock; from the larger text and added margin:auto 0; and now it is working.

wrapping the content in a div will make it easier to work around for me, cool you got it working tho!