Platform for quick building custom native mobile apps. FREE

Guys! My team has created a drag&drop platform, where you can fully develop from scratch mobile apps for iOS and Android, without writing a single line of code in Objective-C/Swift/Java. Without even installing Xcode or Android Studio - all development is done in web browser editor. Quite advanced app can be put together in several hours. The platform is called Kinetise.

You can smoothly configure and use connection to any RESTful API you currently have or are building. You can build reusable and nested screen stacks (with so-called detail screens), authenticate users, track GPS, get data, send data, show data on maps, define cache’ing policies for the best native performance and more.

One of our users posted about his use case, quite complex app - how he built it in 15 hours and connected to API:

We are about to make if FREE for developers.

The question is: would you use it? Or if you have any other feedback, I would be grateful. Thanks!!!
You can check it out here:

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