Please could someone review my tribute page

Hello, I wrote the tribute which took a few hours, plus I had to realise that I had not retained 90% of what I had learned so far and had to relearn it.

I didn´t do anything too fancy on the page. I used Imgur to put the pictures in a central location and to make the URLs not so lengthy. Would appreciate any critique on the code which I used as I am sure it is not perfect.

The great vibes font is a nice touch but, for some reason, I’m not seeing any of your images.

^same with me, but i can see them if i open them in a new tab.

Oh…they were put in as anchor tags. I added that the target is blank as it mentioned that you had to do that on the tutorial video. Perhaps it works now?? Was more of a guess than a logical conclusion.:grinning:

You can use this website to upload pictures:
they work with codepen and it;s free :slight_smile:

Thank you I have signed up for this.

Still no images, but otherwise it looks great.