Rik Mayall - A Tribute

Right, after toiling for days like a whipped dog, I’ve finally finished my Tribute Page.

I’m reasonably happy with it, although getting the element spacing and scaling right had me shaking my fist at the heavens. All comments and criticisms gratefully accepted, even the ones that are borderline insulting. I can handle the truth!

See the Pen Rik Mayall Tribute - FCC by Perfidion (@Perfidion) on CodePen.

I can’t see the pictures :frowning: As far as I know you can’t use images from imgur for codepen. Guess you have to toil a bit more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Curses! :confounded:

That’s weird. I can see them just fine, but other people can’t? I’ll try Flickr or something and redo the image links.


Righto! I’ve swapped everything from Imgur to Cloudinary, so we should be back in business. Let me know if the images are visible now.

Yep I can see them now

Hooray! Thanks for letting me know. I would have carried on in blissful ignorance otherwise. :grin:

looks good - Good content too! although you might want to looka t it on mobile - turns into one really long thin column.