Tribute Page Advice/Feedback


Technically I am finished with my tribute page according to the test; however, I’m having issue showing images on my phone whenever I check to ensure it’s responsive. It’s primarily the pictures. This is my first time coding so I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

Thank you!


The images from your tribute page aren’t showing up on my computer. They are probably showing up on your computer because it’s loading them from your cache. I did not have success with loading imgur images through codepen when I was working on the tribute page either.

If you do a google search for ‘codepen images’ there’s lots of advice on where to put your images for codepen use.

Your h2 text becomes almost unreadable on smaller devices.

As for the pictures I’ve been told to host them on github and link to them that way. I would give that a try.

Host the images with cloudinary, there free option is great and then you can update as needed. Your images are broken.

Use Roboto font family, for the whole body other than headings.

Refer :

@RadDevDad Yeah, I stopped messing with the text whenever I realized my images didn’t work. I shall fix that and rehost my images.

Thank you everyone for your feedback/help!

Appear error when i try to open imahes

I have moved over the images, and I believe everything is working much better now. Thanks once again!