Please Feedback my Weather App Code


I tried this link code is working as its supposed to but I would love to see some background images.

I would also like some feedback on code style, or to view an example of a well written code

there should be a button to change from F to C. I think you can still personalize it more. I will upload my weather app in a few seconds feel free to comment on it :slight_smile:

2 Issues I would like help with:

  1. Check this WeatherApp - it shows correct results on my computer, but a strange location on my mobile (on my mobile the location is US, while I’m in asia).
  2. Also I’m trying to add the <a> element to be inline with the paragraph element that shows the degrees. Until now I am failing to do so. I tried giving it thies CSS attributes:

Any suggestions?

no such thing as display:indline;

it’s display:inline;

diomed - I corrected my typo.