Please give any feedback for my tribute page thanks!

Here is my tribute page

I got a little confused with

so i commented out the second command because it did something weird to my margins...

any constructive criticism or feedback appreciated thanks!

Try replacing the width and height attributes of your image with class="img-responsive". This will make setting its left and right margins to auto unnecessary, so you can remove that from the CSS.

You can remove the <center> tag and add a class="text-center" to the <figcaption>. The <center> tag is deprecated, so avoid using it. There are plenty other ways to center content.

Same with your use of the align attribute in the <h1> and <h2> tags. That attribute’s obsolete.

Don’t wrap the list in <p> tags. If you think about it, the heading plus the list are not a paragraph.

Instead of using <br>, just add some bottom margin to the <figure> element. <br> has its uses, but it’s not this.

The <body> should come before the <div class="container">, and the </body> should come after the <footer> block (and in general, anything that’s visible on the webpage should be inside the <body> element).

It’s good practice to separate the CSS from the HTML.

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