Please Give Feedback on my product landing Page project

Please have a look at my product landing Page project and give your feedback. I have built it with HTML, CSS, and javascript. Took me almost 4 days to complete it. Any suggestions /advice on improving the design are most welcomed.
link: link



So, here’s what I love about your site: the parallax effect, the colors and the layout.

Here’s what I think can be improved upon:
The background image is great, but I think it’s a bit in-your-face. Maybe lower the opacity.
The submit button text is overflowing. It’s not wide enough.
I think some hover effects on the buttons or pricing would be cool. Just invert the colors.

And just for fun, if you are familiar with javascript you could add a smooth scroll effect to the navigation. Just youtube it.

Overall, amazing!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I really like when people review because It helps to see the other perspective. I will surely work on the improvements you suggested.:grinning::+1:

I did not understand your point about the submit button Can you please screenshot the problem. It would be very helpful.

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Your Welcome. I love giving feedback. This is in debug mode on a windows 10 Laptop with firefox.

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Thank you for pointing it out. :grinning:
The problem was I did not set value="Submit" :sweat_smile:. It didn’t cause a problem in chrome but the problem appeared in Firefox and Edge. I have corrected it now. Also, I have changed the opacity, does it look better? I have also applied the hover effect.

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Yes, much better.:grinning::+1:

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Very nice job.

Couple of notes, the text in your footer is very hard to read, the white small script font on the neon green.
Also, in my view at least, the Pricing Guide there is some overlap.

What size screen and browser are you using?

My browsers is at about 1300px.

Thank you for reviewing my work @NaoG :grinning: .

The screenshots you uploaded the link appears to be broken for me.

I am using chrome and laptop screen dimensions are 1366 x 768.
I just resize my codepen window for testing for small screen

@NaoG @b3u I have added the text-shadow to the footer text and increase the font size, does it look better now? Also, I could not understand about the overlap

I see the drop shadow, it makes it slightly easier to read. But I personally wouldn’t stick with it. Its still not the easiest. I’m not sure if its the font or the size or a combination of both.

In terms of the overlap. When i go into the codepen’s full view there is no issue, but for some reason when i’m in the editor view it overlaps, like I showed in the picture. I doubt many will be viewing it through that so its up to you if you want to mess with it or not :slight_smile:

But overall, nice job.

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Hi @NaoG Thank you for the feedback :grinning: I think It would be better If I change the font. I would try doing that

Yes probably a codepen bug, because that overlap doesnt show in chrome and edge