Product Landing Page | feedback

Hello everyone! So I finished the Build a Product Landing Page. It’s hard and challenge project for me . It was took a lot of time from me (around 4 days | 3 hours every day) :smile:

I know there a lot of mistake in my project and maybe the color choose was bad or total design, but it’s first time i use flex-box and grid systems in real and its amazing! project Also i tried to make it responsive as i can but i think, i still beginner and there a lot of Technic i didn’t now to make greet responsive design

So, I hope if you leave comment or feedback to help me boost my skills and improve my project

Thanks :grinning:


I think the pricing section looks really cool, nice design :slight_smile: The site isn’t very responsive like the nav looks weird and then basically disappears as the screen gets smaller. Also your image doesn’t seem to be working for me :confused: Have a look at the media query section under “Responsive Web Design Principles” on the Free Code Camp curriculum for help on making the site responsive?

I’m working on the same project at the moment :slight_smile:

Good luck! - Luke

increase the padding and margin in your flex-container use media queries for your nav link so it can look better when viewed on smaller devices, add more colors to your css but good work overal you can ony get better now

I really like this look. When I did my first product page, yours is WAY better than what mine looked like haha! So you’re off to a good start. Only thing besides what they said above, is to make sure you add “cursor: pointer” to your buttons so the user feels like they are actually about to push a button! I would also add a hover affect to your buttons-- maybe change the color upon hovering the element etc.

Keep up the awesome work!


I’m glad to see that you like pricing section thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s a big problem. I done about three procect until now and there was’t responsive at all.
I’ll dive into media query to learn every thing about it .
I think the element position the most important part in responsive design.

thanks again and i’m looking forward to see your project

@Moshoodaisha @silashuereca : I’m glad to see that you like this project and thanks for these feedback i’ll design all project from scratch to be more responsive design