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Hello friends! Need some feedback for my Product Landing Page :smile:

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Something that stands out to me is when I click on any of the navigation links, it jumps to a point where part of the section is cut off at the top… especially noticeable when I select order or how its made.

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Thank you for the feedback! I fixed the issue you found! :slight_smile:

Good position of items but to be honest, I don’t like the colors too much. You overused the color of Yellow kind of imo.
Also, it’s not responsive.

Overall, good project.

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Excellent…“Why Us” and “How its Made” are way better… the “Order” link hits a bit far down still.

Good catch @OGTechnoBoy… indeed, also work on making this responsive.


Now it`s (kind of) responsive! Thanks for feedback! :slight_smile:

Hey Photon,
Love the main image on your page very cool.
I’m actually doing the same project at the moment, I’m doing the project in my local environment and i’m having issues passing the media query and flexbox test. Did you run into the same problems?

I did not have any problems for those tests.

Some tips why it might be failing:

  • Make sure your media query actually does something (writing empty query does not seem to work).

  • setting some div to display: flex; seems to be enough for passing flexbox test

Though if you are still having problems don`t hesitate to create a new topic with more detailed description about your problem.