Product Landing Page Project - feedback please!


I’ve just completed my Product Landing Page Project, and would like to receive some feedback on my work. Thanks in advance!

Hi Mahmoud !
Your page looks good. Few things ;

  • The navbar is not responsive, it is visible in short screen but looks very wierd.
  • The navbar also covers the Features .Maybe decreasing the amount of navbar items will work.
  • You have only background color for the navbar so the page looks very plain, you may add background images and colors with linear gradients .The page will look 10x better.
Nice work!

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will look into this!

Hi @mahmoudcoding !

I think your page looks good.

I would add a cursor pointer to all the buttons.

In codepen, you don’t need doctype, html tags.
That is already built into it.

Also, it looks like your logo is not loading.
So I would look into that.

You have a few empty css selectors that you can get rid of if your don’t plan on filling them up with something.

For example.

#contact-us {

input {

You might look into adding smooth scroll to the page.

For the other two projects, I would suggest not having the style so similar to the fcc sample.
Try something different to expand your learning. :grinning:

Looks good, well done.
The main thing I would work on would be the price box sizes, because they go off screen and cause the need for a scrollbar. I would work on your .boxes2 selector. Instead of margin 50px I would give it a responsive value using % rather than px so it shrinks as the screen get smaller. I would reduce the min width a fair bit but increase the width a little.
Will help get all 3 boxes on screen and remove the scrollbar once you work out the right %

Thank you very much for your feedback, I’ll work on this!

Thanks for the tip! I’ll change that.

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