FCC Product Landing Page *Feedback Welcomed*

Good afternoon, I hope everybody is having a great Friday!

If you have the time can you please take a look at my Product Landing Page Project and provide me some feedback. I have started and stopped this project many times and I finally have something that I am pretty proud of. I’m sure it’s pretty basic but I feel like I was able to achieve everything I set out to do.

Note: Updated to responsive nav, still don’t love it but I will work on making it look better.


Congratulations on creating a page that you are proud of!

This looks very clean. I like the feel of it.

Thank you for the feedback.

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I’m going to give you one CSS tip:

You can make the browser scroll to one element instead of jumping to it when a link in your navbar is clicked just by adding scroll-behavior: smooth; to the body tag. It’s a great improvement for just one line of code.

Keep up with the good job! Cheers.


Awesome, thanks for the tip!

Any additional feedback is welcomed.

First of all, congratulations on making such a page, here is a list you can (but do not have to) change (my opinion ONLY):

  1. Cards do not look that good, I would remove quotes around titles and improve visual hierarchy by making text smaller and making Buttons bigger
    Also the order of text can be changed.
    Here how I would do it: Header - 100% -> Text (50%) -> Price (75% + Bold) -> Button (50%)
    Extra: Give cards different colors to make them stand out more (Pink / Blue / Yellow / etc.)
  2. The input for Email is WAY too small, it should focus user’s attention so make it bigger and aligning button beside it, so it looks like a single merged input
  3. Finally, the footer just looks a bit weird, Make it bigger and give it some background color which would make it stand out from the rest of background + Distribute items evenly
    Except for that, it is pretty good, well done

Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback. My page was originally designed to imitate the example page for the project with some variations to the layout, however with your feedback I feel I was able to improve the “feel” of my project quite a bit.

You are welcome, I am glad I was able to help)