Project Feedback -- Product Landing Page

Hey FCC!

I’m looking for some feedback for my Product Landing Page. I know the CSS is a little dirty but I did what I could to make it mobile friendly with my limited knowledge and experience.

Let me know what you think!


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PS I could use some advice on how to clip my main content from my nav bar so you cant see it through the opacity or CSS hover effects

Hey, this page looks really good! Like, is this a real gym? :thinking:

Anyways, I like the layout a lot and its responsive and flows well. I like the hover animations on the boxes and how they’re see-through too.

For your last box, the submit area for your email and stuff, it’d be nice to have your box rounded like your other boxes, just to keep the flow.

I like you have a nav bar, but would like to see a color change or animation when you hover over the links. When you scale down to mobile view, the nav bar words get small and hard to read, so maybe increase their font-size in an @media.

To make it look more professional, I’d add a footer for links and copyright and such. Not a biggie, but if you’re gunna have this for a portfolio, why not?

One thing that isn’t a huge deal but something I saw was when the page is scaled down, I feel that the info boxes that are colored and pressed right up on the screen’s vertical edges. I though at first that maybe the boxes were getting cut off, but it was just their size. You can thin them if you’d like, but it’s one of those knit-picky things. I just didn’t wanna leave any observations out.


That’s all really good feedback. I really appreciate that! You’re the best.