Can I have some feedback? - Product Landing Page


I have completed the Product Landing Page project for FCC. If anyone can provide some feedback, I would appreciate it


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@ericlyv I like it. Nice product page idea. Cool looking theme. The responsive video is nice. Good work!
How about stacking the tiles in mobile view and making them 90% width so they can be viewed better?
How about making a hamburger menu in mobile view?

The image in the nav is broken, but that green font is great and Matrix is awesome, I love it!

Thanks for the feedback

I really like it too.

Here are some things I noticed:

  • The yellow submit button looks a little out of place. I would make it the same color as the text, only outline it and make it wider, like so: Capture
    • If you decide to do this, remember to change the color in the hover effect a little.
  • The email input also seems a little out of place, so I would do the same thing as the button to it.
  • I really like that you added a hover effect to the menu. It really makes it stand out.

That’s pretty much it. Good job!

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