Product Landing Page Feedback!

I just finished my Landing Page and any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Product Landing Page

Hey and good job getting this far!
I’m quite new to FCC myself so I might not be able to give extensive feedback. Here are some thoughts though!

  1. Navbar is looking really good! The logo and buttons are clear and the shadow on the logo looks pretty cool! Good choice of font for the logo!

  2. The features are placed off to the left side and makes for a bit strange of a reading experience when everything else on the page seems to be centered.

  3. I’m not really feeling the background in it’s current form. It makes the page look busy and your text becomes harder to read. Maybe try and put a background color on your elements to make them clearly separated from the background!

  4. I’m currently viewing the page on an old 4:3 monitor and I’m seeing a lot of empty space between the product variations, the input and the footer. Maybe it’s just my monitor but I would always advise to resize your window to see how different screens will affect the appearance of your site!

Hope this could be of use. Good luck in the upcoming challenges!